New Album



Stop judging me. Yes. It was a hit in the 90s. And yes, i know most (all) of the words.

Moving on.

Some news for y'all.

Peeps - i'm SO excited about this album - It's called "Who Knew It Would Be So Hard To Be Myself" - super duper proud of it - i've never worked so hard on an album - ended up producing a lot of it myself, so it's full of my blood, sweat, and tears. Please go check it out - can't wait to hear what y'all think! Unless you don't like it. So. Maybe just smile and shrug if i ask you if you like it in that case.

Thank you guys so so so so much for listening and supporting what i do - i literally can't do this without all of you - It means the world to me that yall read these and listen and tell your friends and bring literally everyone and i mean everyone even Aunt Marcille to the shows please bring all of them so i can feed my kids for real please thanks to the shows! YAY!!

Who Knew It Would Be So Hard (Vol. 2)



Me again. WITH MORE MUSIIIIIIICCCCCC (imagine that oprah Winfrey GIF here. It helps).

EP 2 was released today - Who Knew It Would Be So Hard - I am super duper proud of it, and excited to hear what y'all think!

And the full length album is coming out February 9th!

Also - tour dates are going to be announced soon!

"Dave, you really love us, don't you."

Yes. Yes I do.

EP 2

Who Knew (vol. 1)


Brand new EP is HERE! Listen to 4 songs from my upcoming album releasing in early 2018.

Available digitally wherever you get your music!

who knew

Songwriter Catalog Playlist


Just put a playlist up on Spotify of all the songs I've written with and for other people! Might be some surprises in there! Enjoy!! Listen HERE!

Carry On, San Vicente available for pre-order NOW!


PUMPED to have Carry On, San Vicente on vinyl - Pre-order your copy HERE.