Golden Days Tour


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4/25- Nashville, TN
4/26- Knoxville, TN
4/30- Indianapolis, IN
5/1- Chicago, IL
5/2- Minneapolis, MN



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a really good word


I read this today and it blew my mind. SUCH a potent word from my dear and incredibly talented friend Ben Shive.

"Here's a sidebar about sidemen. The artist's ministry is to the audience; the sideman's ministry is to the artist. The artist carries a heavy burden, and when that gets too heavy the sideman carries the artist. It's Sam Gamgee work."

I've never thought about it like that. Makes me really thankful for all the Sam Gamgee's i've been able to play with over the years.


Golden Days Indeed


You guys are the best. For eel dough.
I can't tell you how much you guys made my week. It's been so awesome. It was like a surprise birthday party that lasted a week. THAT awesome. With Mint Chocolate Chip cake from Baskin Robbins. But the cake doesn't end. Yep. I told you.
Let me 'splain.
I was signed to Razor and Tie records for the last 6 years. It was an incredible experience. To have a team supporting me, helping fund both the albums and the tours was so helpful and great. Having people who have made a lot of records and worked with a lot of artists was a boost of momentum and wisdom that i wanted and was excited to have in my career.
Last year my recording relationship ended with R&T, and i'm SO proud to say ended on great terms.
I wrote a bunch of songs in the meantime, enough to record both a Christmas AND pop album, and actually recorded both of them in the span of a month last July. A ridiculous, challenging, and fun decision. Much like finding a prom date.
We released the Christmas album last October, and i was SO thrilled to see it make it's way into you guys homes and cars and phones. SO cool.
Last week I released the pop album, "Golden Days."
Let me be honest.
I had NO IDEA what to expect. Really. No clue.
My life, much like most of yalls, has changed. The days of me being on the road full time to support a release like this have gone, sadly. I have a family now, and the greatest job i have now is juggling this career - making and playing music -which has traditionally been such a road heavy one, and being home/being a husband/father and writing with and for other people. Which i LOVE, but is tricky, tricky, tr tr tr tricky. And don't worry - i'm gonna play shows, i always will, but i just can't be out like i used to, so it changes SO much in how people hear and know about the music and support what i do.
This plus being without a label, spreading the word is H-A-R-D. I run the risk of driving you guys crazy with tweets, Facebook barrages, Tumblr posts (ahem), etc. So - i did the best i could with not trying to annoy the crud out of yall while remembering how busy we all are and trying to make sure there were enough reminders to keep everyone aware.
And, BOOM, you guys showed up. Once again. You guys have not only bought it, but been SO kind in letting me know how you feel about it, and then telling your friends. The crazy truth for me these days is, YOU GUYS are my record label. YOU are my PR. You are my promotions department. And you have delivered.
It's a humbling/exciting realization knowing that my career is dependent upon people buying my music. REALLY scary. BUT - you guys have and are, and for that i get to keep making it. Keep writing it, recording it, staring out the window trying to find the right word/phrase/melody that hopefully moves you as much as it does me.
The music business is changing SO quickly. SO SO SO quickly. Just when you think you know how to get music to people, it changes. Just when you know how people want to consume music, it changes. My fear, to be honest, is that just when i know who my fans are and what they want from me, that will change.
I've been so encouraged this week, because while we are all changing, and music and everything involved is changing, you guys have stayed the same. You have showed up once again to buy my album and tell your friends. Thanks for doing that.
Thank you thank you thank you.
I really love this record, and i loved making it.
Thanks for caring about it too.
MUCH love and gratitude,
Dave #34
AND - one last time - here it is if you haven't gotten it!

"Golden Days" Available Now!


People of the world/whirled.

It is time. To break forth the rhythm and the rhyme. And for my new album "Golden Days" to be released to the masses. To make them shake their....moneymakers. NO SIR.


I'm SO excited about this record. I produced it with Ed Cash, whom i have made most of my albums with - and i LOVE it. It's an album i've been dying to have you guys hear for a while now - we finished it in July and i've been DYING to release it - I'm so proud of it!

Thanks SO much for listening/buying/telling friends/laughing at-with me. You guys are the BEST. I really really appreciate you guys and your support.

Get the album on iTunes (don't have link yet) or at my STORE

Also, tour dates are going to be up soon - solidifying the last of them, and then they also will be released to all of you beautiful people.

until next time,
dave #34