10 Years Of Brother, Bring The Sun


10 YEARS. 10 amazing years. SO crazy to think it's been that long since BBTS was released. SO many stories and shows and hands shaken and pictures taken and pics lost etc. It's been really fun for me to think back that far - remember all the amazing things that have happened - how many of you guys i've gotten to meet and smile and laugh with - i truthfully never thought about being able to still play music for this long. who knew?! thank you guys SO much for listening, it's why i get to keep doing this!!

That said - to commemorate the release 10 years ago, we shot a bunch of videos about the songs, recording the album, etc that we are planning on releasing over the fall. Here is the first one!

Also - maybe the most exciting is the fact that we released a song called "Somehow Saving You" that we recorded during BBTS that we never released. Not really sure why, i think i thought that it didn't fit with the rest of the album, who knows. We had it remixed and mastered and now it's on Itunes to be heard as of Tuesday!! Go get that thing.


Christmas Show


ATTN: SO excited to announce my Christmas show this will be on DECEMBER 7th at the SCHERMERHORN SYMPHONY CENTER.

Get VIP ticket HERE: http://smarturl.it/barnesnashvilleVIP

And general tickets HERE: http://www.nashvillesymphony.org/tickets/concert/dave-barnes-christmas

Fall Shows


New shows hitting these cites soon! Be sure to get your tickets

Check out the TOUR page for details.

10/11- Nashville, TN
10/16- Denver, CO
10/17- Los Angeles, CA
10/24- Washington, DC
10/30- Knoxville, TN
11/6- Athens, GA
11/7- Charlotte, NC
11/12- Dallas, TN
11/13- Conroe, TX

Golden Days Tour


The Golden Days Tour is hitting these cites soon! Be sure to get your tickets

Check out the TOUR page for details

4/25- Nashville, TN
4/26- Knoxville, TN
4/30- Indianapolis, IN
5/1- Chicago, IL
5/2- Minneapolis, MN



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