Hymns For Her


My new EP "Hymns for Her" is alive!! It's out & ready to be purchased, people! Tell your friends & enemies.

iTunes: http://hyperurl.co/hymnsforher
Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/1E0XnjH
CD (Autographed): http://bit.ly/1COlkhd

My friends. My people. Friends of my people. People of my friends.

How in the heck are you guys? I'm good. Nope. I'm great. I'm also excited. So much so that i just can't hide it. Why? Because i just released my new EP Hymns for Her. I've wanted to make an album like this for a long time - a moodier, more mature album. I've always loved that about Nick Drake and Van Morrison - those songs that just seem to take you somewhere - the way the guitars sounded - the weird tunings - and i wanted to record an album with that feel, or at least try to. I had so much fun writing for it, and most of these are in some weird tuning, which was fun. And yes, those are real strings in the background, all arranged by the amazingly talented Ben Shive, who produced the album with me.


What better way to promote a more mature album? With ridiculously silly videos. That's how. And yes, i did say silly. Which autocorrected to silky. Which would have been a completely different type of videos. And probably would have featured Ralph Tresvant. I digress.

We did shoot some fun videos - check them out and please share them with your friends - our hope was one of y'alls dude friends would fall into one of the categories we aimed them towards and you could then post them on their wall or tweet it to them, etc. ENJOY!!

And to continue the "i'm so excited" theme - Wertz and I are going out and doing a few more TWO BIRDS ONE STONE shows!!! It's going to be a GREAT time!

March 26 - Houston,TX - Fitzgerald's
March 27 - Austin, TX - The Belmont
March 28 - Dallas, TX - Granada Theater
April 10 - New York, NY - Highline Ballroom
April 11 - Washington, D.C. - The Howard Theatre


- Dave #34

Song Premiere


Thank you to Paste Magazine for premiering "Headlights" from my new EP 'Hymns For Her' which releases on February 10th!

Check out the song HERE


New Album!!


EXCITING TIMES! I have a NEW EP coming out February 10th called "Hymns for Her!"

More info coming soon.

Can't WAIT for yall to hear it!!!

Two Birds / One Stone Tour Announcement

Tour Poster

Well. We were all waiting, weren't we? Yes. We were. Because one round wasn't enough, and because we missed y'all, gosh darn it. Also, because Obama said we have to. We (Dave and Matt, of course) are SO excited about getting out and seeing a million* faces, and rocking them all. Or is it seeing a million vases and rocking the mall. Let's digress.

SO - that said, we will be out doing round two of the Two Birds, One Stone Tour. Should be a blast!! Below are the dates.** We would love to see any and all of you out there! As Buckwheat so eloquently said - "been a nong time since dem days!"

Amen, Buckwheat. Amen.

-Matt & Dave

*might be less than a million, but only slightly
**more dates TBD, keep an eye out via our twitter accounts- @davebarnesmusic & @mattwertz

March 26 - Houston, TX - Fitzgerald's
March 27 - Austin, TX - The Belmont
March 28 - Dallas, TX - Granada Theater
April 10 - New York City, NY - Highline Ballroom
April 11 - Washington, D.C. - The Howard Theatre

10 Years Of Brother, Bring The Sun


10 YEARS. 10 amazing years. SO crazy to think it's been that long since BBTS was released. SO many stories and shows and hands shaken and pictures taken and pics lost etc. It's been really fun for me to think back that far - remember all the amazing things that have happened - how many of you guys i've gotten to meet and smile and laugh with - i truthfully never thought about being able to still play music for this long. who knew?! thank you guys SO much for listening, it's why i get to keep doing this!!

That said - to commemorate the release 10 years ago, we shot a bunch of videos about the songs, recording the album, etc that we are planning on releasing over the fall. Here is the first one!

Also - maybe the most exciting is the fact that we released a song called "Somehow Saving You" that we recorded during BBTS that we never released. Not really sure why, i think i thought that it didn't fit with the rest of the album, who knows. We had it remixed and mastered and now it's on Itunes to be heard as of Tuesday!! Go get that thing.