New Album


SO SO SO SO SO pumped to tell you I'm releasing a NEW ALBUM/CD/DOWNLOAD OF SONGS March 18th!!! This is commonplace to say I know, but it's very true - I haven't been this excited about a group of songs in a long long time. The album is called Carry On, San Vicente, and was a BLAST to write and record.


Christmas Shows | Two Birds / One Stone Tour | Solo Shows



Lend me your ear.

ONLY 126 more sleeps until Christmas - i'm not counting - i have a friend that does. and he told me. It may still be the-devil-even-thinks-its-hot outside, but I've got winter on the brain and my mind on the money and money on my mind. or at least Snoop does. or did. A-D-D!! YAY! I'm so excited to be back at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center for TWO nights this year on December 4th and 13th. A Very Merry Christmas indeed. Tickets are on sale NOW - go grab them HERE.

As if Christmas wasn't exciting enough, I get to head back out with my good buddy Matt Wertz this fall for more Two Birds / One Stone dates.It's like an early Christmas present. See what i did there? Get ready to rock! (it's definitely more of a soft-gentlish rock.)

Sept. 3 - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall
Sept. 25 - Charlotte, NC - Neighborhood Theatre
Sept. 26 - Raleigh, NC - Lincoln Theatre
Oct. 11 - San Francisco, CA - The Chapel
Nov. 12 - Atlanta, GA - Center Stage
Nov. 13 - Birmingham, AL - Workplay Theater

Get tickets HERE.

AND, if that wasn't enough for your little heart to handle, I'm doing a few solo shows as well. it's going to be awesome! Or 'on fleek' as I heard someone say once. I don't know what that means, but I tried it a few minutes later to a group of young teens that needed directions and i'm pretty sure they thought i was awesome. pretty sure.

Oct. 22 - Knoxville, TN - Bijou Theatre
Nov. 08 - New York, NY - City Winery
Nov. 20 - Waco, TX - Common Grounds

Get Tickets HERE.

Thank you for your ear. You may have it back now.

I bid you adeiu.

-dave. sometimes david. sometimes 'excuse me sir, please stop wearing tank tops'

Fall Tour Dates


For any of you who missed the announcement last week, Matt Wertz and I are doing a few more Two Birds/ One Stone dates this Fall. We're so excited to get back out and see y'all! How excited? Well, I just started crying for one, and I'm pretty sure Matt got a tattoo of Mount Rushmore with his and my faces twice each as the faces*. That's how excited. We also just added San Francisco, so all you Californians can join in on the fun. Cause that's what girls just wanna have. But boys too.

Let's digress together.

I'm also doing a few solo shows in this Fall - so make sure to mark your calendars. Or John your calendars! CALL ME BUTTER CAUSE I'M ON A ROLL BABY!!! someone help me please.

Tell all your friends and let's do this! I'll start stretching now.

See you soon!

- Dave #34

* - I can't confirm this quite yet.

Two Birds / One Stone Fall Tour
Sept. 3 - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall - Get Tickets
Sept. 25 - Charlotte, NC - Neighborhood Theatre - Get Tickets - Get VIP Tickets
Sept. 26 - Raleigh, NC - Lincoln Theatre - Get Tickets - Get VIP Tickets
Oct. 11 - San Francisco, CA - The Chapel - Get Tickets
Nov. 12 - Atlanta, GA - Center Stage Theater - Get Tickets
Nov. 13 - Birmingham, AL - Workplay - Get Tickets - Get VIP Tickets

Solo Shows
Sept. 11 - Beaver Creek, CO - Rendezvous Music Festival - Get VIP Tickets - Get Weekend Pass Tickets
Nov. 8 - New York, NY - City Winery - On Sale 8/13
Nov. 20 - Waco, TX - Common Grounds - Get Tickets

Two Birds / One Stone Fall Tour


I am headed back on the road for another round of Two Birds / One Stone Tour dates with Matt Wertz this fall! General admission tickets go on sale tomorrow but get your VIP tickets TODAY:

9/3- Chicago, IL
9/25- Charlotte, NC
9/26- Raleigh, NC
11/12- Atlanta, GA
11/13- Birmingham, AL

Hope to see ya there!

Hymns For Her


My new EP "Hymns for Her" is alive!! It's out & ready to be purchased, people! Tell your friends & enemies.

CD (Autographed):

My friends. My people. Friends of my people. People of my friends.

How in the heck are you guys? I'm good. Nope. I'm great. I'm also excited. So much so that i just can't hide it. Why? Because i just released my new EP Hymns for Her. I've wanted to make an album like this for a long time - a moodier, more mature album. I've always loved that about Nick Drake and Van Morrison - those songs that just seem to take you somewhere - the way the guitars sounded - the weird tunings - and i wanted to record an album with that feel, or at least try to. I had so much fun writing for it, and most of these are in some weird tuning, which was fun. And yes, those are real strings in the background, all arranged by the amazingly talented Ben Shive, who produced the album with me.

What better way to promote a more mature album? With ridiculously silly videos. That's how. And yes, i did say silly. Which autocorrected to silky. Which would have been a completely different type of videos. And probably would have featured Ralph Tresvant. I digress.

We did shoot some fun videos - check them out and please share them with your friends - our hope was one of y'alls dude friends would fall into one of the categories we aimed them towards and you could then post them on their wall or tweet it to them, etc. ENJOY!!

And to continue the "i'm so excited" theme - Wertz and I are going out and doing a few more TWO BIRDS ONE STONE shows!!! It's going to be a GREAT time!

March 26 - Houston,TX - Fitzgerald's
March 27 - Austin, TX - The Belmont
March 28 - Dallas, TX - Granada Theater
April 10 - New York, NY - Highline Ballroom
April 11 - Washington, D.C. - The Howard Theatre

- Dave #34